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October 9th, 2012
11:26 am


I keep my LJ locked down for a bunch of reasons. A big part is that I'm still working with Riverkids, so I feel anything public needs to not embarrass the organisation, and then that a lot of my life is bound up in the private lives of teenagers who do not need their mum writing about them, and Maggie who is complicated to write about. I also am not a big fan of internet drama.

I am a big fan of conversation though. So I wrote a short rant on feminism the other day, and someone on my list picked it up to share on their journal. I disagree profoundly with this person on a lot of things, but hey I disagree profoundly with about 98% of my friendslist on things (seriously, Tom Hardy, wtf? I am now dead to a bunch of you, I know) and the journal has fantastic resources on sci-fi and excellent intelligent reviews.

I will just add for those visiting from that journal: I am a middle-class stay-at-home mom, married for 13 years, with five kids (two boys) who belongs to an Orthodox Christian (funnier hats than the Catholics!) church and wears mostly dresses. I volunteer for an anti-trafficking organisation in Cambodia that works with families and children at risk of abuse. We run one of the very very few shelter and training programs for teenage boys at risk of trafficking. I was born and raised in Asia to an upper-class white New Zealand family, and am the only white person in my family, raising mixed and Asian children, some adopted in an open adoption.

I am also a feminist.

A queer questioning anarcho-capitalist pragamatic feminist, very much interested in race and class and religion and economics. I'm raising five feminist children, married to a deeply feminist husband, and some of my best friends are feminists.

So anyway. I am reposting the rant with some identifying info removed, and a link to the comments on that journal.

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